Saturday, August 18, 2001

blog blog blog, second day on this blog, and i actually get to write today.

not a bad day, sleeping late(yay!), getting up and working on cleaning the room and packing for the big move to the smaller room with the roommate at the college of new jersey. whoo!. not really, i am tired and it'll be a big hassle, with my parents actually helping me move this year.

ya see, last year i moved out in january, and no one helped me. i had the money, and my old car at the time, so i didnt even have to think about supplies and living on my own. now, college is upon me, a second time, and i am rooming in the choice dorm, with by best friend. should be great. still nervous as spit tho.

so i get to move in tomorrow, also having dinner with the folks and grandpa. spent most of the day cleaning, packing, ignoring my dad, with the stereo up to 3. i know, i am a rebel. i hung out with lee, and then lee and noah and krista. relearned how to euchre, got a blu vcr and alarm clock for 40 bucks. and the buttons are lil stars. can ya beat that???

listening to rainer maria, giving it a second shot, and liking it a lot.